Relationship Counseling

Successful relationship and communication with loved ones can be both the most rewarding – and most difficult – aspect of one’s life.  Whether you’re challenged with a partner, child, sibling or parent, all too often you’ll feel angry, hurt and misunderstood.  You can find yourself unable to communicate in a way that the other can listen, nor can you understand their perspective without seeing them as irrational, emotional or just plain wrong.  The caring connection is lost, and the stress runs from the relationship to spill into the rest of your life.   In situations like this, you need an trained, experienced and impartial guide.  Trying reading the link below or contacting Russ.  His understanding and explanation of the principles of healthy relationship will turn your life around.

Trauma Treatment & Recovery

If you find yourself behaving in ways that don’t make sense – but you just can’t seem to change.  If you find yourself making the same mistake over and over again.  If you spend too much of your time in anger, overwhelm and anxiety at some times and then numbness, disconnection, depression or shame at others, your past might be intruding into your present.  Not all wounds heal with time.  Old traumatic wounds leave triggers that become hardcoded in the brain, body and nervous systems.   Unbeknownst to the person, these past experiences become re-triggered  in the current world and block our attempts at successful living.  If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.  Your life can be changed.  Click on the link below, send an email or call Russ.   It’s time to reach out, now.

Anxiety & Depression

If you’re wondering about anxiety or depression you’re not alone. Anxiety and depression will effect one quarter of Americans this year alone.  Although common, these moods are often missed and usually misunderstood.  They become the uncomfortable backdrop from which many people live their lives.  Even when accurately diagnosed, many people attempt to power or medicate their way through.  Their attempts – even if temporarily successful – are often just that, temporary.  And for that reason, if you work with Russ, you’ll work to heal anxiety and depression branch, trunk and roots. You’ll uncover and desensitize the triggers that lead to these states while removing the pesky underlying misbeliefs.  It’s time to start the process.  Read more under the “Specialties” tab or each out to Russ, now.

Counseling for Transition

We all experience stress during times of change. Perhaps you’re facing a divorce or career change. Perhaps you’ve recently moved to Durango; your first child has arrived; your financial situation has changed; or your last child has left home. Whatever your situation, you face the same wrenching stress and re-evaluation.  These present day experiences may even return you to relive difficult experiences from that past.  It’s at difficult transitions like these that you require a thorough re-examination and adjustment to return to a healthy and forward-moving experience in life. That’s where Russ comes in. Together the two of you can help find a path that recognizes your loss and finds brighter horizon for your future.  It’s time to read the Transitions like below, call Russ or reach out in the form below.

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