Young Adult Therapy – for Teens and Early Twenties

Making Transitions to Healthy Adulthood

The transitions to and from high school, college and independent adulthood are more difficult than any other transitions in life – especially in the 21st century. In the past, one’s path forward was relatively limited and straight-forward. Debilitating choices that could severely harm one’s life were few and social support was strong.

Today is not that day. According to a 2015 Pew Research report, only 67% of millennials (those between the ages of 18 and 32) have achieved financial independence and are able to support themselves without help from their parents. Unfortunately, mental health success rates are even lower.

The stress these troubling experiences place on parents and children exact enormous emotional and financial burdens. Despite their best attempts, parents worry and feel frustrated in their attempts to help their children achieve independence. Nothing the well-intentioned parent attempts seems to make a long-term difference, and often the parent-child relationship flounders leading to further feelings of being disconnected.

The emotional impact on the young adults when they stumble with developmental challenges can be particularly crippling. When young adults fail to negotiate developmental transitions successfully – and their media sources model only success – they believe there is something wrong with them as people, and a downward spiral can begin. Often, they find themselves gravitating to peers with similar challenges which only serves to further reduces their chances of success. Their mental health suffers and they often turn to various forms of addictive activities to reduce their pain.

What’s going on here? Simply stated: The contemporary challenges which young adults face today have grown disproportionately beyond their resources – and the resources of their parents as well. That’s where therapy comes in. I can be the extra resource that can tip the young adult – and their parents – into a healthy spiral in which success builds upon success, leading to healthy independence and maturity.


Signs that Young Adult Therapy may be appropriate:

  • Low motivation at school, work or life in general
  • Discord between parent and child
  • Sense of lack of direction or purpose in life
  • Low confidence or self-esteem
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with others
  • Substance abuse or addictive behaviors like excessive video gaming


Benefits of Young Adult Therapy:

The benefits of therapy vary based on the specific issues each client faces. But generally speaking, these are the kinds of outcomes that are typical:

  • An accurate and manageable understanding of one’s challenges and opportunities
  • A more positive perspective of themselves and belief in their ability to solve their problems
  • Strategies to overcome obstacles such as low self esteem, anxiety, depression and substance or media addiction
  • Understanding healthy forms of autonomy and individuation from their parents
  • Developing a clearer and more positive vision for their future
  • Re-igniting the motivation to pursue a satisfying vocation

How I can help:

Despite what others might believe, young adults are ususally eager to move forward and make positive changes in their lives. The first step is an objective, sound and psychologically accurate understanding of their experiences and relationships. As simple as that may sound, the impact of such a clear interpretation of their experiences can help them see a better way forward.

Because of my deeply non-judgemental approach and professional objectivity, young adults find themselves able to open up and discuss more with me than they can with their family or peers. Despite not having been fully discussed before, these secret concerns have created burdens carried into each day.   When revealed and re-understood, young adults release a burden that is tangible.

I find that brief conversations with parents help to re-align the family to an accurate and un-emotional approach to supporting young adults. Not only are the parents relieved of stress, they are able to support their young adults with concrete and effective tools and attitudes.

Through a combination of therapeutic modalities as well as good old-fashioned mentoring, I help young adults clients realize that they have the power within them to shape their lives in more positive and fulfilling directions. Together we create a new way forward.

Free phone consult

Even though therapy offers a chance to make long-lasting positive changes in your life, I know that starting therapy is often a difficult decision. I invite you to contact me to assess your needs at no cost by phone. There are no forms or paperwork to fill out.  Why wait?  Call today and start feeling better.