Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the experience of one-on-one connection. Within conversation and dynamic experimentation people find insight, solutions and the impetus to make personal change. Whether you seek to improve your mood, change your responses to common experiences, heal relationship or face other life’s challenges, most likely, it is the awareness and self acceptance generated during conversations with Russ that will make your goals achievable. Russ offers a curious, compassionate listening and a questioning that supports your insight and experimentation into new ways forward.  Just read more on the site – and then contact Russ to take your next step.

Couple’s Counseling

Close connection and successful communication are the most rewarding – and most challenging – aspect of our lives. When we feel buoyed by our partner – as in the early stages of relationship – we can face any obstacle that life throws our way.  Unfortunately, those early experiences usually evolve with the stress and burdens of daily life.  We are no longer able to overlook our partner’s idiosyncrasies.  We come to see our partner as “irrational” or “emotional” or “just plain wrong.”  When the disagreements become more frequent and intrenched we even question our capacity to continue with the one we love.  It’s at that time that I can help.  Follow the Couple’s link below or reach out and schedule a time to talk with Russ.

Child & Family Counseling

Raising happy, emotionally-adjusted and successful children challenges all parents. Children today face a more difficult social challenges and their parents face lifestyle stress unique to our modern culture.  On top of this all, parents struggle to overcome the parenting idiosyncrasies from their own childhood.  Add marriage discord, interfamilial conflict, ADHD and the prevalence of childhood mood disorders.  There can be more psychological problems than any parent can handle.  If you’re reading these words, it may be time to reach out for professional support.  Contact Russ.  With an educated assessment of family and childhood concerns, you and your loved ones can find a new way forward.

Teen & Young Adult Therapy

Teens and young adults face unique obstacles on the path to healthy independence.   While they have the freedom to make choices, they often lack role models and psychological insight to guide their way.  Even when they have trusting relationships with their parents, the challenges they face are beyond the parents’ experience.   Often they struggle with challenging moods or have limited their ability to see and think clearly with faulty assumptions or understanding.  It’s in situations like these that Russ can bring the kind of support that allows teens and young adults to reflect clearly and take new steps that lead to success.  If you are – or know of someone – in these circumstances, read more or give Russ a call.

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