Choosing a Therapist

Choosing a therapist that’s right for you can be a most daunting, and ultimately significant decision. You’re most likely in a difficult period in life, and you’ve tried everything you and your friends can come up with to solve your problems.  You’ve decided to try therapy, but you don’t quite know how to decide.   So, what should you do? Play Russian roulette with therapy? Actually, there’s some definite aspects to consider. Following the link below will stimulate your thinking and get yourself started down the right path.  And if you don’t want to read the page below, just start the process by reaching out to Russ with the form below.

Paying for Therapy

Paying for therapy – making the payment decision that’s best for you – is an integral part of the therapy process.  If you are financially secure or have a cadillac corporate health insurance policy the process is somewhat easier: research therapists and see the therapist that best for you, regardless of cost.  For others the decision can be complicated.  You’ll need to balance the many variables that effect dollar cost: standard fees, sliding fees, insurance and duration of therapy.  You’ll also need to balance these dollar restraints with your own therapeutic needs: matching your therapeutic needs with the training and experience of the pool of available therapists.  That’s a lot you can consider.   To read more, just follow the link below.  Or, if you prefer, just contact Russ with the email form at the bottom of this page and begin discussing payment with him.

Favorite Resources

Personal change is led by a skilled therapist and supported by practices, information and inspiration that you can include in your day-to-day life. Having read, watched and used innumerable sources for personal growth and mental, emotional well-being, Russ offers visitor some of his favorite resources. These resources include links to videos, titles to books and handouts used in therapy. If you are a past or current client, a prospective client or just a visitor to the site, you may want review these resources to remind yourself of powerful times in therapy or what you’d like to find ahead. If you are considering working with Russ, you can review the resources to get a sense of his attitudes and therapy by glancing at the link below.  And if you’ve read enough and are ready to reach out, just see the phone and contact information at the bottom of this page, and begin your journey.

Russ’ soon-to-be Blog

Russ absolutely loves being a therapist, and his love comes from an undying dedication to his own evolving growth. Since teenage years studying Eastern thought, he has continuously been re-inspired towards personal healing and living a happier, healthier life. His first inspirations came in healing his only challenges with anxiety, depression, shame and unhealthy relationship patterns. As his healing progresses, he finds inspiration in both his own life and those who he feels privileged to support.  With decades of practice, his dedication never wanders and new areas of insight and inspiration continuously emerge.  If you’re looking for your own insights and interested in what’s currently bubbling up for Russ, please be patient as he completes the rest of the web site and is able to reflect on his current learnings in this blog.

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