Parts Therapy

What is Parts Therapy – Internal Family Systems Therapy?

The Internal Family Systems or IFS Model views a person as containing a number of relatively discrete “parts”, each of which has valuable qualities and is designed to play a valuable role within the psyche. These parts are often forced out of their natural and helpful roles by life experiences that can reorganize the system in unhealthy ways. “Parts” in extreme roles carry “burdens,” which are painful emotions or negative beliefs that they have taken on as a result of harmful experiences in the past, often in childhood. These burdens are not intrinsic to the part and therefore they can be released or “unburdened” through the IFS therapeutic process. This allows the part to assume its natural healthy role and the practitioner to experience a new perspective about a former challenge.

Who may benefit from Internal Family Systems Therapy?

People who:

Want to help their internal system become less polarized
Experience negative self talk
Find it difficult to be in relationships or set healthy boundaries
Feel isolated or burdened by their lives
Want to accelerate and deepen their natural connection to Self
Want to leverage the resources of their entire internal system in a more integrated way