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Getting Started with Therapy

I see therapy as a healthy and recurrent response to life’s inevitable pressures and challenges. We all need support. We can all benefit from learning more about how our minds and emotions work. We can all become better at relating with our loved ones. And by improving our ourselves, everyone close to us – our partners, family, friends and co-workers – also benefit from these efforts.

Whether your concerns as an individual or couple reflect relatively short-term issues or long-standing difficulties, I would like to help you find new, productive and connecting ways forward.

What Therapy Requires

Therapy requires curiosity about yourself, your best effort at honesty, the willingness to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and a wish to make changes in your life. It’s that simple, yet it offers the possibility of lasting changes that permeate the quality of your life – your behavior, relationships, and sense of self.

Ambivalence and Trepidation are Common

Until you’re experienced an experienced and well-trained therapist, starting therapy can be a difficult decision. It’s not unusual to feel embarrassed about needing help, afraid of the unknown or uncertain about whether therapy would be useful for you. Coming in for an evaluation period of one to three sessions can help you determine if psychotherapy makes sense for you and if I as a psychotherapist feels like a good fit for you.

Get Started by Reaching Out

I invite you to reach out in whatever feels most comfortable. Send me an email using the form at the bottom of this page. Call or text me at 970-375-7777.  Schedule a session now by clicking on the orange “Schedule Now” link at the top-right of this page.  Or we can start with a free initial phone consultation if you’d like. There are no forms or paperwork to fill out. Just reach out today, and let’s get started!