Russ is a Licensed Professional Counselor working on North Main Avenue in Durango, CO.  With two decades of experience helping people heal their lives and reach personal goals, he is trained in a wide range of psychological and body-oriented approaches that work synergistically to create customized support for people with a broad range of concerns.  Whether you face relationship or individual challenges or whether your seeking help for yourself or your entire family, Russ has the breadth of training and experience to meet your needs.  Read more about Russ by following the link below.  Surf the site to learn more.  Or reach out to Russ in the contact form.  Act now to overcome your personal challenges and find a new way forward.

Russ’ Approach

Russ believes that personal challenges are an inherent aspect of life. Everyone experiences anxieties and periods of feeling down. Everyone faces stressful life events. Everyone faces challenges in developing close bonds with others. And everyone moves through their challenges more gracefully  and thoroughly with a trained professional as their guide.  To these common life experiences, Russ combines a highly-trained approach plus a respectful and compassionate attitude to his each and every client.  Together, you can overcome current challenges while find new ways to meet the inherent challenges of life.

Therapy Services

Russ offers counseling to individuals, couples, children, teens and young adults. He succeeds throughout this range of clientele by the use of approaches drawn from extensive training and varied experiences.  Whether you need help as a couple who has lost their ability to feel close or you have a child who seems headed down the wrong path, Russ will customize his approach to meet your unique needs.  He is acutely aware of the limitations from the single-approach mentality common within the psychotherapeutic community.  And, he finds success with clients who have found therapy and therapists to be uncomfortable or ineffective  in the past.


Not all wounds heal with time. Depending on the vulnerability of the individual and the resources around him or her at the time of the event, some wounds leave triggers that become hardcoded in the brain, body and nervous system.  These triggers – or residue of past trauma – are usually under recognized by the survivor who self identifies with their responses and believes they have character faults, as if there is something inherently wrong with them.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  If you experience extreme emotions or reactions, distorted thinking or irrational body sensations you will likely find that Russ can make sense of your life and experiences.  More importantly, he can help you find a way through your challenges to live a fuller, more rewarding and self-connected experience in life.

Your Experienced Counselor for the Durango Area