Rates for Therapy: The Short Answer

Russ’ standard fees:

  • 45 minutes $95 – available only for “Talk Therapy
  • 60 minutes $120
  • 90 minutes $175
  • At the present time, Russ does not charge extra for couple’s counseling or assessments.

There are several reductions in these fees:

  • The first session is a full hour, but costs only $95.
  • Young adults are charged $95 for an hour session.
  • Young children are charged $75 for 45 minutes.
  • If these fees are beyond your means, Russ keeps several low-fee slots each week. He can also use his understanding of the local therapeutic community to refer you to therapists who charge less.

Rates for Therapy: How Russ Works with Insurance

Insurance companies are focused on making money, not providing superior care to their clients. If you have read Paying for Therapy, you will understand some challenges with mental health and health insurance.

Russ suggests you contact your insurer to learn about the details of your policy’s mental health benefits.  Ask about the deductible, the copay, the limitations, the annual benefit limits and provision for out-of-network therapists.  Many people learn that their policy pays little for mental health services and regret limiting their therapeutic choice to in-network therapists.

For those who use Russ as their therapist, he provides a “super bill” which they can submit to your insurer. If you have a generous PPO or corporate plan, some of his fees will be reimbursed. If you are willing to work with your insurer bureaucracy, you can also apply for an “In-Network Exception.”

Like most senior psychotherapists, Russ has elected not to join health insurance panels. The reimbursement rates are too low. The paperwork is time consuming, and the coverage is limited and tightly managed. In the end, the client receives inferior care.