Contact Russ. Don’t wait.

Even if you’re a savvy client who has seen therapists numerous times, the first step is the most difficult – so let’s make it easy. You can call or text me at any time, even on the weekends and in the evening. 970-375-7777.  I will get back to you the next business day.  If you prefer, there’s a contact form at the bottom of each page for email. The important thing is to reach out. Now.

No worries. Even if I’m not the therapist for you, I still recommend that you reach out. You might be surprised. I truly enjoy helping people find quality mental health and I know the therapeutic community better than most.

Finding My Office

As you can see from the map below, my office is located in the 1911 North Main Building, Suite 258. By far, the easiest way to access the office is to park on 19th Street between Main Avenue and West 2nd Avenue. Find the alleyway between those two Avenues and walk up the stairs. I’m the first office on the right.


If by any chance you need a elevator to get to the second floor, I recommend you use park in the Main Avenue lot in front of the huge “1911” sign. Enter the building to the elevator. You’ll need to hold the second floor button in for your entire trip upstairs. Then head south straight down the hallway. Through the door and take a right down the next hallway. I’m the last on the left from this direction.

Your Experienced Counselor for the Durango Area